Check-In is 2:00PM until 8:00 PM. During these hours, please call 607-588-7327 if office is closed, and someone will meet you and escort you to your campsite. Check-Out is 12:00PM. Please re-register by 11:00AM if staying an extra day.

Early Check-In or Late Check-Out will be an additional fee if site is available. This option is not available on RV Rentals.

Camping is an outdoor experience. No refunds are given due to the discomfort of nature. No refunds for early departure. Please only reserve the nights you wish to stay.

There is no subletting of campsites. Reservation must be in the name of the parties staying with us. Site reservations are not transferable. We do not allow drop offs of a rental RV to be picked up later by the rental company. You may rent an RV and stay with us but you must be the party bringing it to the campground.


All visitors must be registered with the campground office and pay the daily fee, per person. Campers are responsible for their visitors at all times. Visitors may not bring pets. Please make sure your friends know. We would hate for them to have to go home because they brought a pet, after driving out to see you. Visitor fees are $10.00 per person, for all persons over age three and $15.00 per person on holiday weekends to help prevent crowding.

Quiet Hours:

Will be observed between 10:00PM – 8:00AM. Radios and outside TV’s are to be turned off during quiet hours, but feel free to stay out around the campfire as long as you like. Children under 18 must be at their campsite during quiet hours unless accompanied by you. If you are bothered by noise from a fellow camper in the evening, please free to call the park emergency number 607-588-7327.

Cable TV:

MTC is our cable TV provider. We have over 80 channels available to you depending on your equipment. Some channels are only offered in digital format. Please note that you will need to set your TV to cable and scan your TV to find all of the cable channels we provide.

If you are on a W/E site and do not wish to use the dump station you can Schedule a pump-out for a fee of $30.00.

Propane is filled during store hours. Laundry is open 24 hours.

Campers and Campsite Information:

  • One camping unit and one family per campsite. No extra tents.
  • Site maximum is six people per site.
  • No more than two vehicles may be parked on a site.
  • Our new gate system requires Vehicle plate numbers so make sure you give the correct plate numbers at registration.
  • Do not move picnic tables or fire rings.
  • Fires are permitted in the fire rings only.
  • Excessive noise, loud music, or foul language or behavior will not be tolerated anytime.
  • No Generators are to be used.
  • Be considerate to future guests by cleaning up all debris and trash before departure.
  • Do not cause harm or drive nails into trees.
  • No digging holes or disturbing natural ground cover.
  • No clotheslines.
  • You are responsible for the supervision of all children under age 18 and they may not be left at the campground alone. All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Be courteous toward your neighbors. Do not walk-through other campsites, vacant or occupied.


Trash is not picked up at campsites. Refer to site map for dumpster locations. Dumpsters are provided for household refuse only.


5 MPH Speed Limit. Campground Speed Limit is always 5MPH. You will be asked to park and walk in the park if in violation. Mini-bikes, Mopeds, ATVS, and Personal Golf Carts are not allowed.


Your Bikes and Berg Pedal Karts Rentals are a dawn to dusk activity. For your safety, no bicycle riding after it starts to get dark. Per NYS Law all children under the age of 14 must wear a helmet when riding. Please ensure bikes are not parked on any roadway. Electric children’s cars, scooters, roller blades (inline skates), hover boards, razors etc. are not permitted for your safety. It is way too easy to lose control on our gravel roads.


Pets must be leashed; kept quiet and under your control at all times while in the campground. We require a copy of your rabies certificate for your dog. Do not let children walk dogs they cannot control. No exotic animals are allowed. Restrooms, playgrounds, and other buildings are off limits. Do not tie to trees or not leave unattended. Clean up after your pet, please. For your pet’s enjoyment we do have a dog park located on the 500 level. Please follow the posted rules for use of this space. Dog Waste Stations are located around the campground for your convenience. Pets are permitted in our RV rentals but additional fees and weight limits apply.

Water Conservation and Sewage:

RV trailer grey and black water cannot be dumped directly on the ground. Please notify us immediately if you have an accidental spillage. Conserve water use. No RV dishwashers or washing machines are to be used. Washing of cars/trailers, using sprinklers or baby pools are prohibited.

Campfires & Firewood:

Campfires are permitted in designated fire rings only and must be extinguished before retiring or leaving site. Do not move fire rings. We follow NYDEC Regulation 6 NYCRR Part n192 section 192.5. Chainsaws and defacing trees in any way is prohibited. Only burn firewood. Do not burn garbage, building lumber, plastic, glass or metal. Firewood is available for purchase at the store. No outside firewood is permitted.

Smoking Policy:

No smoking or vaping in public areas of the campground. Any smoking or vaping is limited to the campsite you have reserved.

Flags, Banners, etc.:

To be welcoming to all, only United States of America flags may be displayed or flown. We do not allow banners or signs for any organization or political party. The exception to this would be temporary birthday party decorations or decorations matching a theme weekend event we are hosting, for example Halloween.

Forbidden Items:

NO illegal drug use. No firecrackers, fireworks, sparklers, sky lanterns, firearms, Air Horns, BB guns, paint ball guns, sling shots, archery equipment, or any other type of explosives or weapons are permitted.

Creek Side Activities:

No jumping from rocks, ledges or cliffs! You may swim, float or fish in the Creek at your own risk. Guests are not permitted on the private property on the other side of the creek.

Swimming Pool:

We are required to notify you of these rules as there is no lifeguard on duty.

The swimming facilities at Nickerson Catskill Mountain Campground are not supervised by a lifeguard or other responsible person. In place of on-site supervision, this facility has established a series of safeguards to be followed by all guests. Please read and abide by all of the safety rules located in the swimming area and below.

  1. Never Swim Alone. A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older, must be present whenever this swimming facility is in use, with at least one adult on the pool deck or beachfront.
  2. There is no substitution for adequate supervision. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied to the bathing area by a parent or guardian, or similar adult responsible for their safety.
  3. In an emergency, notify the facility operator and contact help immediately. A free telephone is provided at this facility. Call 911 for all emergencies.
  4. No glass or alcohol permitted in the pool area. Do not drink alcohol and swim.
  5. Only use the facility during the posted or informed hours of operation.
  6. Only registered guests of this facility are allowed to use the bathing facilities.

Injuries can be prevented, and safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you notice any problems with the water quality or absence of safety equipment, please notify us at once!


Our Wi-Fi is available FREE OF CHARGE. It is for answering emails and viewing webpages. It is not designed for movie or music downloads. A new GB-WiFi installation is coming this summer which will give coverage throughout the property.

Rights of Management:

This property is privately owned. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for accidents or injury to campers or for the loss of money or valuables of any kind. We reserve the right to eject any person or family, who, in our opinion, is violating the rules of good camping, defacing property or creating a disturbance WITHOUT A REFUND. Our rules are not subject to your interpretation. If you’re questioning something it is always better to ask for clarification.

*** All campers/visitors/guests must sign either by the visitor logbook or within Campers App to show everyone in your party agrees to these guidelines.

Your suggestions and comments are important to us. Please respond to our email surveys or tell us at the office how we can make your stay even better! If you have had a great time, tell a friend, if not please tell us immediately so we can correct it and make this visit an enjoyable one. Thank you for camping with us!